TESA 60760 Floor Marking Tape (Yellow / Black Size 2" X 33M)


tesaflex® 60760 is a tough plasticized PVC tape coated with an aggressive modified rubber-resin adhesive, which allows adhesion on many different surfaces. tesaflex® 60760 is even tearable by hand.

Categories : Floor Marking Tape


Main applications
tesaflex® 60760 is perfectly suitable for temporary and low duty hazard warning & marking of any kind of mobile or static objects.

Technical Data
▪ Backing material    soft PVC                      

▪ Adhesion to steel    2 N/cm  

▪ Total thickness        150 µm                             

▪ Elongation at break   220 %

▪ Type of adhesive       natural rubber

▪ Tensile strength         33 N/cm

▪ Suitable for rough surfaces          

Evaluation across relevant tesa® assortment:         very good             good           medium          low

Additional Information
tesaflex® 60760 is also available with two highly visible colour-modes which accord to safety-regulations.
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