Sealing & Gasket
Many applications require sealing from different elements: air, water, dust, chemical, electromagnetic interference, heat and even light. With a wide variety of materials to choose our sales team can help design a solution that is both functional and cost effective.
Sound & Vibration Dampening
Sound and Vibration Dampening is a very important application in modern electronic devices as well as automotive. We can provide many different material that effectively cater to the need for noise reduction and vibration dampening.
Electrical & Heat Insulation

UPE supply many solutions to various different industries that require electrical and heat insulation. Our wide choice of material for this application are usually UL-94 fire retardant certified and offers high dielectric properties.
Thermal Management

Mordern electronics devices generate a lot of heat due to high speed performance. UPE provides various mechanical component for both thermal insulation and thermal conduction. This includes thermal conductive gap pad, gap filler, and thermal conductive tapes.
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