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Floor Marking Tape

     Tesaflex® 60760 is a tough plasticized PVC tape coated with an aggressive modified rubber-resin adhesive, which allows adhesion on many different surfaces. tesaflex® 60760 is even tearable by hand.

Anti Slip Tape

     Our anti-slip tapes are designed to address safety concerns and reduce accidents. They ensure maximum safety and help prevent falls or slips at construction sites, buildings, or hazardous areas. tesa anti-slip tapes offer a robust anti-slip solution with secure grip and lasting hold.

Double Sided Tape

     We offer a wide range of specially developed pressure-sensitive double-sided tapes that meet the requirements of our customers efficiently.

OPP Tape

     Whether light or heavy cartons, short transportation or long overseas trips, tesa packaging tapes ensure security of shipments under all conditions.

Masking Tape

     Masking tapes are essential for painting and provide perfect, sharp edges – easy to use and removable without residue even from delicate surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Filament Tapes

     Adhesive filament and strapping tapes with reinforced backings that render heavy duty strapping and bundling performance. Strong and flexible holding power you can rely on.

Protection Film

     Transparent surface protection film for large areas in automotive and paint applications

Aluminium Tape

     Our aluminum tapes are characterized by high thermal resistance, durability and conductivity and can help increase efficiency and meet sustainability goals by minimizing air distribution loss.

UChic Mask

     Cloth mask that will protect against viruses. Must have properties on the outside to be resistant to liquids and inside to absorb liquids. Therefore, the cloth mask should have "at least" 2 layers.

UClean Nano Sponge

     Use environmentally friendly technology. Manufactured form proprietary microber foam

UChem (Multi-purpose lubricant Spray)

     Used for loosening the nut, washing and biting rust. Along with an oil film to prevent rusting Helps to lubricate important points with high friction. Wear protection And reduce friction as well Suitable for machine tools



Securing of Parts for Transport

Strapping tapes: The tape will take on some of the load so that heavy impacts do not have any effect on movable parts, thereby avoiding damage.

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