TESA 60951 Anti slip tape - black / yellow (Size 50MM X 15M)


The application area for tesa® Anti Slip Professional range is everywhere safe footing is required. Anti Slip yellow & black is the ideal protection to prevent from skidding and therefore helps to avoid accidents in the job related. Very good adhesion of the product is suitable for demanding surfaces such as factory floors, industry areas etc. The strong and durable adhesive coating secures a high Anti Slip effect of up to 1- 2 years in normal use areas. The Anti Slip tapes are hand tearable and no shrinkage occurs after application.

Categories : Anti Slip Tape


 Main Application

▪ Indoor and outdoor applications * Applications in which a secure grip underfoot is required * Fluorescent (tesa® 60953): stays bright for a long period for safety and warning purposes in dark rooms * Transparent (tesa® 60952): make valuable surfaces such as wooden stairs, for example, safe unobtrusively * Black-yellow (tesa® 60951): marking of very slippery surfaces

Technical Data

▪ Backing material PVC film

▪ Total thickness 800 µm

▪ Type of adhesive acrylic

▪ Adhesion to steel 5.8 N/cm

▪ Elongation at break 25 %

▪ Temperature resistance -5 to +50 °C


▪ Hand tearability            

▪ Suitable for die cutting       yes

▪ Resistance to chemicals        

▪ Salt water resistant        

Evaluation across relevant tesa® assortment:      very good     good      medium     low

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