TESA 53123 Masking Tape Size 2"


tesa® 53123 is a cremed colored universal use paper masking tape suited for various non-critical applications. It is frequently used for masking indoors, light duty spray painting, bundling, fixation, packaging and label.

Categories : Masking Tape


Features & Benefits

- Tear resistant backing provides demasking in one piece

- Excellent adherence of paints and fillers

- Good peel adhesion provides secure bond on different substrates 

- Residue free removal up to 3 days indoor tesa Quality

- Temperature resistance up to 60°C /1 h and 80°C / 0,5h - Consistent 

Main Application

Suitable for all non-critical general purpose masking, bundling, packaging and carton sealing applications.

Technical Data

▪ Backing material slightly-creped paper

▪ Total thickness 135 µm

▪ Type of adhesive natural rubber

▪ Adhesion to steel 2.6 N/cm

▪ Elongation at break 10 %

▪ Tensile strength 27 N/cm

▪ Temperature resistance 60 °C


▪ Hand tearability                

▪ Easy to remove       yes

▪ Paint anchorage                

▪ Sharp colour edge          

▪ Conformability               

Evaluation across relevant tesa® assortment:       very good      good     medium     low

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