tesa® 53398 Clean removal high strength mono filament tape


tesa® 53398 is a high-strength, polyester backed, fiberglass reinforced mono filament tape. tesa® 53398 has a high tack and high shear resistant adhesive system. It has excellent aging properties and assures clean removal from many substrates.

Categories : Filament Tape


Main Application

▪ Securing of metal coils for end-tabbing

▪ Splicing of metal coils for processing

▪ Bundling and reinforcement of heavy goods, e.g. metal pipes

Technical Data

▪ Backing material         glassfiber & PET

▪ Total thickness            195 µm   (7.7 mils)

▪ Type of adhesive         synthetic rubber

▪ Adhesion to steel        6 N/cm   (54.8 oz/in)

▪ Elongation at break below        6 %

▪ Tensile strength            800 N/cm   (456.8 lbs/in)

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