TESA 4848 PV1 Sizd W1000X100M


Transparent surface protection film for large areas in automotive and paint applications tesa® 4848 PV1 is a self-adhesive, transparent, and environmentally friendly surface protection film made of PE that is coated with an age resistant acrylic adhesive. It allows protection of large areas against dirt and damage.

Categories : Protection Film


The film is easy to use and protects a wide range of sensitive surfaces (e.g. glass, eloxal, plastic) from dirt, many chemicals, moisture, damage, and contamination of any kind. The surface protection film is UV resistant, can be used for four weeks, and is easy to remove.

Main features:

• Economic thin and transparent film

• UV resistance allows outdoor use for four weeks

• Sensitive adhesive with low bonding strength

• Very versatile in terms of surfaces that can be protected

Main Application

tesa® 4848 PV1 is very versatile for indoor and outdoor applications in automotive and paint applications.

Example applications are:

• Masking of large glass areas for paint jobs

• Protection of carpets in cars To ensure the highest performance possible, our aim is to fully understand your application (including the substrates involved) in order to provide the right product recommendation.

Technical Information (average values)

The values in this section should be considered representative or typical only and should not be used for specification purposes.

Technical Data

• Backing material     PE film

• Total thickness         48 µm

• Type of adhesive      acrylic

• Elongation at break    200 %

• Tensile strength        12 N/cm

Adhesion to

• steel    0.8 N/cm   (7.3 oz/in)


• Easy to remove Yes

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