TESA 60999 double sided translucent non-woven tape (Size 1" X 50M)


tesa® 60999 is a translucent, double-sided self-adhesive tape consisting of a non-woven backing and a tackified acrylic adhesive. tesa® 60999 features especially: ▪ Excellent wetting property on different kinds of foam, felt material ▪ Very good converting propertie

Categories : Double Sided Tape


Main Application

▪ Lamination of foam and felt

Technical Data

▪ Backing material non-woven

▪ Color translucent

▪ Total thickness 100 µm

▪ Type of adhesive tackified acrylic

▪ Type of liner PE-coated paper

▪ Colour of liner white

Adhesion to

▪ Steel (initial) 6.5 N/cm


▪ Tack           

Evaluation across relevant tesa® assortment:      very good        good       medium       low

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