TESA 64260 Flexible transport securing tape with PET backing


tesa® 64260 combines a secure bond to various substrates with the flexibility of a polyester backing. Due to its outstanding conformability the product is ideally suited for applications on “3-dimensional” surfaces. tesa® 64260 can be removed residue- and discoloration-free from a variety of different surfaces.


Main Application
Transport securing of appliances and office automation equipment such as printers, scanners, copying machines. Also suited for temporary surface protection and logo covering.

Technical Data
▪ Backing material           PET 

▪ Total thickness              60 µm

▪ Type of adhesive           natural rubber

▪ Adhesion to steel           3.8 N.cm

▪ Elongation at break        140%

▪ Tensile strength              70 N/cm


▪ Residue free removal       yes

▪ No discolouration             yes

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