UChic Mask (สายกลมคล้องคอ)


Made of waterproof fabric Used for dust protection And prevent the distribution of mucus or saliva from coughing / sneezing is a 3-layer mask. Features of the mask UChic features dust filter Prevent pathogens such as bacteria or fungi


Care Instructions for U-Chic Mask.

- Gently wash by hand (do not use washing machine)
- Use Mild soap and water (Strong detergent not recommended)
- Air dry with a fan or dry under sunlight for no more than 3-5 minutes.
- Washable no more than 30 times.

U-Chic Mask instructions for use
- Place mask over the bridge of your nose.
- Place ear loops over your ears.
- Pull down on elastic to adjust ear loops to fifififfiit your face
- Tighten for fiffiit and comfort using adjustable loop locker.

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